We can’t run a swim session unless there are two adult volunteers at the poolside.
We are very grateful for the adult helpers who give up their time over the summer holidays so we can open the pool. They are responsible for the safe and efficient running of the pool for swimmers as well as those poolside.
Adult helper’s children are offered the first or second hour swim session free of charge.
Adult helpers cannot be responsible for their own children whilst carrying out their roles, they must nominate another adult who, depending on the child’s age, must be in the water with them or must supervise them poolside (please refer to child supervision rules)

Adult helpers

Their roles as follows:

    • Taking the swimming pool register and collecting fees.
    • No children are allowed into the pool until the adult helper is satisfied all details (including medical conditions, emergency contact information and the details of those nominated adults watching children under 8 years) are correct.

How do you go about registering as a volunteer for sessions?

Please contact us if you would like to join our team.

First aid training

A first aid training session is offered during the summer term by St. Peter’s school, we are also happy to accept an existing first aid qualification that is appropriate.