Summer Rules

St Peter’s Church of England (Aided) Primary School, Cowfold

        COVID  Pool Rules

These rules must be read in conjunction with the Normal Operating Procedures (NOP)

Summer Holiday Family Hire – Summer 2020

  1. A first aid kit, whistles and mobile phone must be present at the poolside. (Lifeguard to check).
  1. Only persons from a ‘family’ group may use the pool in one session. A ‘family is defined by – 1 or 2 house-holds who are members of the same family.

           MAX: 12 persons

  1. No one may enter the pool without a lifeguard present. Enter by the new gate from the footpath that leads out of the rear of the churchyard.
  1. Families should arrived already changed to swim as, due to COVID19 restrictions, the changing rooms will not be opened.
  1. Toilets will be available and these will be cleaned between families.
  1. The maximum number of persons allowed in the swimming pool is 12.
  1. Adults and children must behave sensibly at all times:

No fighting, pushing or throwing bathers

No ducking

No bombing, spins, somersaults, seat drops, running, jumps / jumping over other swimmers etc.

No gymnastics or acrobatics

No loose jewellery should be worn

  1. In the interests of safety, the noise level must be minimal so that whistle signals can be heard.
  1. Jumping, running on or diving from the poolside is not allowed. Anyone who does not behave responsibly or courteously will be excluded.
  1. All children and adults should enter the water via the steps.
  1. No child should go into the water with an open wound or wearing nappies that are not swim nappies.
  1. NO GLASS BOTTLES, PICNICS or ALCOHOL can be brought into the pool complex. Children must not eat during their swimming session.  Parents must ensure all waste is put in the bin. Children must not use the trim trail / tyre park.
  1. In an EMERGENCY the schools EAP (Emergency Action Plan) must be followed.  
  1. No shoes with heels should be worn, as these may puncture the rubber surface, flat shoes only.

The Lifeguard can ask ANY CHILD OR ADULT TO LEAVE

G.Kolter, Headteacher – July 2020