Instructions for summer swimmers

St Peter’s Church of England (Aided) Primary School, Cowfold

        Instructions for a Family

Summer Holiday Family Swimming – Summer 2020

  • Only persons from a ‘family’ group may use the pool in one session. A ‘family is defined by – 1 or 2 house-holds who are members of the same family.
    • MAX: 12 persons

How to find the pool

Go through the churchyard and round the back of St Peter’s Church. Take the public footpath that leaves the churchyard heading west (i.e. bear right). The pool gate is on your right, shortly after leaving the churchyard.

There will be no access via Potters Green, the usual way in to school.

  • No one may enter the pool without a lifeguard present. Enter by the new gate from the footpath that leads out of the rear of the churchyard. Knock on the rear gate and the lifeguard will open it.
  • Families should arrived already changed to swim as, due to COVID19 restrictions, the changing rooms will not be opened.
  • Toilets will be available and these will be cleaned between families.
  • Please try to limit the size of the area you sit at and use, round the side of the pool, as we will need to clean the area once you have gone.
  • Please bring your own balls, floats and swimming toys. Sharing equipment with other families is not allowed under COVID rules.
  • The maximum number of persons allowed in the swimming pool is 12.
  • Please read the ‘Pool Rules’ before you come.
  • A First Aid Kit will be available. Families are requested to tend to their own minor First Aid due to social distancing being required from the lifeguard, when possible.
  • If the lifeguard needs to attend to a more serious First Aid requirement they will ask everyone to leave the water whilst they are otherwise engaged.

         G.Kolter, Headteacher – July 2020